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I believe that one of the greatest gifts that one could give away is... TIME. Every year, especially during the Christmas season, I always try to find a way to 'give back' to those who have it less. Last 2012, it was timely that my friend Cheryl invited me over to one of her friend's birthday party which entailed a visit to the elderly at the Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity in Tayuman.

I've been to orphanages before of sick children and orphans, but never to one such as this. Missionaries of Charity in Tayuman actually has two buildings; one for the sick children and another for the elderly which is overseen by the nuns, called as the Sisters of Charity. Overall, I really enjoyed being with these elder people as we held a feeding day for them last December.

I am Aileen - Missionaries of Charity Holidays Elderly

It was indeed a fun day! But it was also sad... because these elderly people were like basically abandoned here, and that's clearly no good. This is why I encourage you, my readers, that if you have time, why not drop by to the Missionaries of Charity to spend some time with the elderly? Or just about any shelter or center it is that you might know of?

One of our companions that day, a friend of the birthday boy, was right in his words when he said that all these elderly people needed was for someone to spend some time with them, to LISTEN, and to comfort them despite their lack of energy and capability unlike their younger days.

Nonetheless, let's roll back to this day because there's one elder that we really loved! Mr. Oscar! He was veeeery talkative and entertaining!

I am Aileen - Missionaries of Charity Holidays Mr Oscar

At one point, he claimed that he can tell other people's future and so he singled out everyone of us as he each told our fortunes! It was very fun and entertaining!
Oscar: "Are you married?"
Me: "No."
Oscar: "Do you have a boyfriend?"
Me: "Yes."
Oscar: "Ah, your boyfriend is nice. Very nice! He loves you very much!"
Me: "Oh wow, grandpa, you suddenly know him, huh?"
Oscar: *laughs*

Oscar: "You two are married?"
Cheryl and Phillip: "Not yet."
Oscar: "Give me your hand!"
Cheryl: *does so*
Oscar: "Ah! You will have many kids! Four!"
Cheryl: "Four?!?!"
Oscar: "Many! More than four!"
Cheryl: "What? Minimum of four?!"

Oscar to one of our companions: "You!"
Him: "Yes?"
Oscar: "Do you have a gay friend?!"
All: *laughter*
Him: "What, why?"
Oscar: "Don't ever go for a gay guy!"
And we all started teasing him because, well of course, he was straight :))
I am Aileen - Missionaries of Charity Holidays Fun Elderly
I am Aileen - Missionaries of Charity Holidays Birthday Celebrity

So why not spend a day here? Simply see the details below if you need to get in touch with the Missionaries of Charity. Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!
Missionaries of Charity
1030 Tayuman Street
Tondo 1012, Manila
Tel: 255-0832

"I am Aileen" : 2012 Holidays | Giving Back


# | Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons said...

wow! you're indee very good at heart!! Continue helping them and make  them happy too! Hope to find a nice charity to help in malaysia also. xx

# | michymichymoo said...

Cute conversation with Lolo Oscar! :)

# | Franc Ramon said...

This is indeed a great deed to give back.  We used to do outreach programs too back then.  I should have one maybe in the near future.

# | Stephen Lea said...

A beautiful well written blog, you have a kind heart :)

# | Debarpan said...

U done a great job indeed.this is such a noble work.

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