Love, Baihana | A Night of Jazz at The Music Museum

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One of the many things that I am thankful for in this life is good music. I admit that I've been more of an RnB and Pop person for the past years, but I'm glad that I broke out of that phase and got to discover more of the other genres. So far, I've been in love with reggae, classical, and of course, jazz! With the help of my boyfriend (who has great taste in music, mind you!) I've also been slowly discovering my love for progressional rock for instance and a lot of the old classics. ♥

Going back to the topic of jazz, there's one long overdue post that I haven't managed to share yet; up until now. It was last year, and I was lucky enough to be invited to a show on one of our new and upcoming local artists who—wait for it!—sings jazz! Baihana! It's an all girl trio that recently won the Best Jazz Band in Boy Katindig's Jazzfest. Composed of Krina Cayabyab (Ryan Cayabyab's daughter), Mel Torre, and Anna Achacoso, they're said to be competing in the upcoming International Jazzfest in Malaysia!

Last August 2012, they held a concert at the Music Museum entitled as Baihana: Love and Devotion as they crooned love songs all night long!

Baihana began their journey in 2008 and had ever since been playing jazz music. In this concert, as you can see, they have reveled in a song sequence that involves the cycle of love: from the phase of courtship, to falling in love, to the actual relationship, to a sudden heartbreak, and eventually, moving on.

I am Aileen - Baihana Jazz Concert Music Museum
I am Aileen - Baihana Jazz Concert Music Museum Cayabyab Trio
I am Aileen - Baihana Jazz Concert Music Museum Love Songs

During the concert, they have also introduced their new songs like "What I Did For Love", "Talk to Me", and "I Believe in Love" aside from all the classics that they have performed that night.

It was such a wonderful experience; I think it has been my first jazz concert and I loooooved it. My only qualm about it is that, I hope it was rather held at a restaurant kind of setting, because the charm of jazz in my opinion is not entirely of outward performance, but more of a chill kind of setting as you let it calm and soothe you into its melancholic tune. But hey, this was already great in its own way.

Now if you want to know more updates from this group, simply head on to their links below! I'm definitely looking forward to another jazz concert that I could get in to. In fact, I'm still on the hunt for the best 'jazz place' in the metro wherein I could escape to! Any suggestions? -wink-

"I am Aileen" : Love, Baihana | A Night of Jazz at The Music Museum


# | peachkins said...

I haven't gone to a concert for the longest time. This looks like something I'd go to with my closest friends.

# | Rovie Divinagracia said...

i would love to listen to jazz music! Seems like a wonderful concert :D

The Bargain Doll

# | Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons said...

wow i am sure it has been a wonderful night!! I love rnb and pop also thoguh jazz sounds very relaxing and bring you back in the good mood! xx

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