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The last time I set foot in a gym was last last year when I was still a member of this certain over-hyped-slash-popular fitness club. I decided to cancel it and just do running or home exercises because I was a bit bored with the same ol' machines, when in fact, I could stay fit and healthy by just doing natural movements. Just when I thought I'd settle in to this kind of set-up, 360 Fitness Club came along!

"Lose the Machines!" : Thanks to Cheryl, I got the chance to take a look into what this gym was about when they held their grand launch on their newest branch at Timog Avenue! And for a short say: I liked it! Much like my aim, their programs and activities exclude machines given how it limits the range of motion and only works on a certain muscle at a time. As for their main training program, it is the 360 Circuit which we first tried!

I am Aileen - 360 Fitness Club Quezon City

The 360 Circuit a 30 minute activity that burns an average of 500 calories, strengthening and toning your muscles while you are at it! With 5 levels (from beginner to advanced) this can be done individually 3 times a week, or for more fun, can be done in a group: the Circuit Challenge! This is what we did! I badly want to explain into detail what does it entail exactly but that would break the suspense. I guess you'll have to find out for yourself!

I ALMOST DIED. Lol. Wait, no, don't let that scare you! It was actually fun! And I could feel my muscles working alright; and all I can say is that the pain and sweat was worth it!

Here are some pictures from Cheryl's blog!

I am Aileen - 360 Fitness Club Quezon City Circuit Area
The Circuit Area

I am Aileen - 360 Fitness Club Quezon City Studio Area
Briefing on the Circuit Challenge per group

I am Aileen - 360 Fitness Club Quezon City Warm Up Circuit Challenge
Warming up! And yeaaaah, that's me at the far right.

As if I still didn't have enough, I also took on their classes right after the grueling Circuit Challenge!!!! (Go me!)

360 Fitness Club offers Suspension Training, Power YogaZumba, Body Jam, Body Balance, and Pole Dancing Classes. For this opening day, we had Zumba and Body Jam! (Oh boy, I really hoped there was pole dancing!) I've done Body Jam before, but have never tried Zumba.

And damn son, I liked it! It was much like Body Jam, a cardio dance workout, but more like a parteeeeh! LOL. I'm not kidding. The moves were craaaay and sexy! And hip-hop-y! And involved a lot of hip action and seduction! Latin-y if I may say so!

Then that's where I realized why I liked Zumba instantly: kasi ang landi ko lang. HAHA! Kidding aside, I liked it because it brought back my love for dancing! If you don't know it yet, I used to dance. Like a lot.

I am Aileen - 360 Fitness Club Quezon City Zumba Body Jam Classes
Try to spot me from the crowd! Because I can't! LOLJK.

Overall, I just loved it! I really favor the concept of 360 Fitness Club: no to machines, alright. And really now, the Zumba class? Ooooh, I guess I just fell in love with it!

Interested to sign up for a membership like me? Just head on to their new Quezon City branch and sign up before the end of this week in order to get a 20% discount on their packages! Now ain't that sweet? So hurry!!!
360 Fitness Club

"I am Aileen" : 360 Fitness Club | Complete the Circuit at Quezon City!


# | Debarpan said...

Being fit is always good.am also a gym lover and fitness freak :D

# | Franc Ramon said...

I also love circuit training since it makes the most out of your time and generates better results too.

# | Sheamus Warior said...

Your place is for definite couturier bookmarking.


# | Sheamus Warior said...

Your place is for definite couturier bookmarking.

# | gela said...

how much is this circuit training?

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