Ayala Malls | Random Acts of Kindness Day #4

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Ayala Malls' "Random Acts of Kindness: 12 Days of Christmas" conquered the Queen of the South for their Day 4! At 7:00PM, went around the Ayala Center Cebu's restaurants randomly giving away Krispy Kreme treats and roses to spread the season's cheer and joy.

I guess it's best to say that whenever you start seeing people wearing red shirts with the words 'Wrapped in Love' then be ready to be surprised as you'll be one of the lucky mall-goers to receive Ayala's gifts!

Continue going to Ayala Malls and you might get to be a part of this!
Ayala Malls

"I am Aileen" : Ayala Malls | Random Acts of Kindness Day #4


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