Ayala Malls | Random Acts of Kindness Day #3

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I mentioned that the Ayala Malls' "Random Acts of Kindness: 12 Days of Christmas" for Day 3 would involve cars! (Ain't I such a sweetie?) And so it did! Held at the Bonifacio High Street's BHS Central’s Twoparkade, the cars parked from 12:00PM to 5:00PM were in for a surprise...

Girls clad in Santa get-ups randomly selected cars as they attached balloons to their side mirrors along with a sweet note. What was in store for them lucky Ayala-goers? Free parking for the first three (3) hours and an Italianni's pizza for the first 20!

I am Aileen - Ayala Malls Random Acts of Kindness 12 Days Chrismas Day 4

Watch out for their other schemes! Have a happy Ayala Christmas!
Ayala Malls

"I am Aileen" : Ayala Malls | Random Acts of Kindness Day #3


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