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I love having a journal! My mind always tend to be in a jamble so a journal/planner always does the trick of organizing my thoughts and my schedule! The year is about to end so I bet that you're on the lookout for the coolest organizer that you could own next year; so if you are, then you should check out the Seattle's Best Coffee (SBC) Dream Journal!

They're currently holding a promo for this one and the mechanics is simple: collect only 18 stickers on your SBC Dream Card from Oct. 23 to Jan. 31 and you'll get a Dream Journal for free!

I am Aileen - Seattle's Best Coffee SBC Dream Journal

The SCB Dream Journals comes in colors: red, yellow, purple, brown, and blue! It includes generous writing pages, monthly calendars, and giveaway coupons too! These coupons lets you enjoy six free drinks, complimentary drinks, free panini, free cookies, and even 24 hours free Wifi! What’s more, you could also avail their free engraving service to better customize your journal!

Basically, like I've said above, one sticker will be given for every SBC drink you buy (excluding bottled drinks). You would only need to purchase ten (10) regular SBC drinks plus eight (8) holiday drinks. [You can read more about what their holiday drinks are over here: click!]

So what are you waiting for? Not only will you get a free planner when you grab a hold of this promo, but you would also get to enjoy 18 of SBC's freshly brewed premium coffees in the process! PLUS! You could even help send children to school, too! I say this because a portion of the proceeds from the total sales of each completed SBC Dream Card will be donated to global charity partner organization, World Vision to benefit its children’s educational programs.

Have a great time collecting those stickers and advance Happy Holidays! ♥

Seattle's Best Coffee

World Vision

"I am Aileen" :Seattle's Best Coffee | 2013 Dream Journal


# | Deli said...

I would love to have that orange planner :) And not bad at all after having my coffee!

# | Rovie Divinagracia said...

love the colors of their planners! so funky :) but i decided to get the one from starbucks :)

The Bargain Doll

# | Kaye said...

Really cute colors and the free engraving service is way better! I used to love keeping journals but believe it or not, I got tired of it because of how hectic my ex-job back then.  I'd love to own one again, sana kasing cute din nito.

It's me Kaye! :)

# | MsKathyKenny said...

I am almost done with this. Inuna ko kasi yung Starbucks e. 

# | Pepper Tan said...

I think I fancy the orange one :).  Even with the advent of technology, nothing beats good old planners.

# | Jade said...

Wow! Mas cute ang planner nila... Bakit ko lng nakita to...

# | Gigi Beleno said...

I want that red planner, red addictus :) not only they are giving something for their loyal customers but this is for good cause as well. Cheers to SBC!

# | Shari said...

These personally look better than Starbucks this year :) But I dont drink SBC that much cos wala ako masyado gusto sa drinks nila :'(

The Misty Mom

# | animetric said...

Wow, that's a lot of freebies that come with the journal! :D

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