Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon | Eton Cyberpod Branch Grand Launch

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Looking for a new swanky but budget-friendly salon to try out? Look no further because here's one place that could give you what you're looking for: Creations by Lourd Ramos!

I am Aileen - Creations Salon by Lourd Ramos

Creations is owned by Lourd Ramos, a renowned hair and make-up artist who clearly knows his craft given how he has gained the following awards for instance: 2007 Davines Italia Philippines Grand Winner, Studio 23’s Make-up Artist of the Yearin 2010, and Go Negosyo Starpreneur Awardin 2011. I haven't even included yet the awards that he had gained abroad, mind you!

Lourd had actually opened up his first salon just months ago in Makati, but in an aim of making his services even more accessible to the metro people, he had opened up two additional Creations branches! One in Ortigas Avenue (Eton Cyberpod) and one in Soho Central Podium, Greenfield District!

I wasn't able to attend the launch of their Eton branch when they have invited me to (-saddest face ever-), but nonetheless, what I could assure you is that their new branches do not only exude beauty and style for you, as their client, but they will exude YOUR beauty and style as well in order to transform your salon experience into a really great one!

I am Aileen - Creations Lourd Ramos Famous Hairstylist and Make Up Artist

I don't have pictures of it but if you were to visit their Eton branch, you'll be greeted by an establishment clad in predominant black-and-orange hues set in a mid-century but modern design. Meanwhile, their Soho Central would rather be in a red-and-white color scheme. Both have minimalism styles though and it is said that that best shows how Lourd is: hip and vibrant!

In matters of service, Lourd personally trains his crew to ensure continued excellence. You could avail not only haircuts and hair treatments, but you could also avail the other services that Creations could offer: make-up and styling, massage, waxing, and more!

So what are you waiting for, sweetie? Avail of Lourd's distinct signature service at Creations!

*Photos are from Creations' Facebook page.
Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon
SOHO Branch: Ground Floor of Greenfield District, Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City
ETON Branch: Unit 51692 Corinthian Building Ortigas Avenue, Quezon City
Opening Hours: 9AM to 9PM
Facebook Page: [ click ]
Main Website: [ click ]
Phone Numbers: 846-7500 | 846-9258 | 0908-897-760

"I am Aileen" :  Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon | Eton Cyberpod Branch Grand Launch


# | Rizza Javier said...

Very nice. Sana maganda ang service. I'm looking for a good salon; so this is timely. I need my annual hair make-over na. :/ :D

# | Kathy Ngo said...

Pretty interesting ... I just might drop by. I sure need some pampering for my hair. 

# | Rhea Bue said...

wow! this looks like a nice salon sis ah.. speaking of salon, I need to have a new look. Might consider visiting their Mandaluyong branch :)

# | Rovie Divinagracia said...

i love their services! i was at the cyberpod launch naman. lourd is so nice too :)

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