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Christmas is fast approaching so naturally, lots of cafes in the metro right now are armed with their signature holiday drinks for the year. One shop that I think you guys shouldn't miss out on is the premium coffee retailer: Seattle's Best Coffee (SBC)! Because this 2012, they brought back two of last year's favorites, Coffee Hazelnut and Cookies and Mint, along with two new additions: Caramel Apple and Espresso Jelly!

I am Aileen - Seattle's Best Coffee Holiday Drinks
(Left-Right) Espresso Jelly, Coffee Hazelnut, Cookies and Mint, and Caramel Apple!

To officially launch these drinks, SBC held an affair last October 18 at the stretch of the Bonifacio High Street and luckily, I was one of the invited guests to enjoy their hippie party! Yep! That was the theme and boooy... did I feel out of place! Haha! Thing is, it was during a weekday so of course, I was at work. Needless to say, I passed by the venue clad in my corporate clothes, and I definitely felt jealous of all the people who were looking like complete cool hippies!

Actually... I'm not a fan of the hippie fashion or whatever-you-call-it, but this was an event, so it works! Besides, it is fun to dress up and to see people dress up! (But then technically, I wasn't dressed up. Okay, what was I saying again?)

Anyway! The place was set up very well! Under a big red-and-yellow tent, there were different stations spread out across the area and then smacked right in the middle is the stage and the seating spots. Just look at that! Totally hip, yeah?

I am Aileen - Seattle's Best Coffee Holiday Drinks Hippie Party
I am Aileen - Seattle's Best Coffee Holiday Drinks Fort Taguig
I am Aileen - Seattle's Best Coffee Holiday Drinks Hippie Venue Event

Kids flocked this area and I badly wanted to join! ...but well, I had to maintain my 'stern corporate image' that day so... no fun for big ol' me. LOL.

I am Aileen - Seattle's Best Coffee Holiday Drinks Bubble Fun Kids

For anyone who was up for a round (or rounds) of Guitar Hero/Rock Band, this was the place to be! The World Vision kids, who are the partner children foundation of SBC, were stuck here! It was really nice to see them having so much fun!

I am Aileen - Seattle's Best Coffee Holiday Drinks Play Station

Nothing beats freebies! This part is where the silk-screening action happens! From print choices of the words 'Happy', 'Peace', and 'Love', you get to hippie-fy yourself with such awesome shirts. What did I pick? PEACE!

I am Aileen - Seattle's Best Coffee Holiday Drinks Print Station

I'm not that vain (I think it's apparent with my minimal effort of plastering my face all over this blog LOL) but this station called out to me so much. I'd love to have this Beettle all for myself!

I am Aileen - Seattle's Best Coffee Holiday Drinks Posing Station

I exploited this table sooooooooooo much. I mean, when I got here, my conversation with the 'accessories-maker' went like this:
ME: Wow! How much for these?
GUY: They're actually free.
ME: What? Really? Cool! So we only have to pick how many?
GUY: *shrugs* Any!
ME: Huh?
GUY: You can take whatever you want.
ME: Seriously? Like anything and everything that I'd want?
GUY: Haha yeah!
I was in hippie heaven! And yes, ladies and gents, I took whatever I want. LOL. I got some anklets, bracelets, and a cool crown necklace! It was so awesome!

I am Aileen - Seattle's Best Coffee Holiday Drinks Wear Station
I am Aileen - Seattle's Best Coffee Holiday Drinks Free Accessories

This was near the entrance, and me, being Miss Ma-Artsy, I loved hanging out near this spot. I had fun watching these two artists do their spray paint magic! The guy wearing a fedora is Deejae Peste, and the guy with the beret is Vernon Perez.

I am Aileen - Seattle's Best Coffee Holiday Drinks Deejae Paeste Mural
I am Aileen - Seattle's Best Coffee Holiday Drinks Spraypaint Mural

Finally, it was time for me to drop by this part and try the drinks! I was only there for a while, so I only managed to drink one. I had my good friend, KC with me along so I also had the chance to try her drink.

For me, I ordered the Caramel Apple since I was looking for something fruity and sweet. Meanwhile, KC had the Coffee Hazelnut, a nutty saccharine surprise!

I am Aileen - Seattle's Best Coffee Holiday Drinks Caramel Apple and Coffee Hazelnut
I am Aileen Coffee Hazelnut SBC Drink
Caramel Apple

Foodie from the Metro Coffee Hazelnut SBC Drink
Coffee Hazelnut

If you want to know more about the other two drinks, read my entry at my food blog here:

Of course, when there's a drinking station, there should be an eating station! I love the small pastries that they were serving to us that day!

I am Aileen - Seattle's Best Coffee Holiday Drinks Eating Station

So I did say that I was only at the event for a while, that's why I didn't have the chance to catch the actual program itself. But apparently, Marc Nelson and Sam Lewis, ambassadors of World Vision, have hosted the event. Along with them was Sam Concepcion too!

I am Aileen - Seattle's Best Coffee Holiday Drinks Marc Nelson and Sam Lewis
I am Aileen - Seattle's Best Coffee Holiday Drinks Sam Concepcion - World Vision

Overall, I say... try SBC! Get their Dream Card and if you hit 18 stickers, you'll not only have a swanky Dream Journal but you will also be helping the World Vision kids in their education. So like a true hippie, spread some love, happiness, and peace with SBC's Holiday drinks this season!

For a list of SBC's branches:
Greenbelt 3 G/F | Bonifacio High Street | Valero Street, Makati City | Makati Medical Center | SM Megamall G/F | Cardinal Santos Hospital, San Juan, Manila | Trinoma 2/L | Katipunan Street – near Ateneo University | SM Mall of Asia G/F | Metropolitan Hospital G/F | Neo Plaza, Ongpin Street | Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 | Festival Mall 3/L | CALTEX SLEX – Southbound, Laguna | The Terraces G/F, Ayala Center, Cebu.

Seattle's Best Coffee

World Vision

"I am Aileen" : Seattle's Best Coffee | Launch of Newest Holiday Drinks


# | MrsMartinez said...

I like to try the Caramel Apple drink! Looks like a fun event!


# | 크즈자이 레예스 오캄포 said...

Caramel Apple looks very promising! Must hie off to the nearest SBC - that being the SLEX branch in my case, haha! :)

# | Michelle Bugante said...

What a great event! As someone from the industry, I appreciate all the effort they put into the event :) I really love the holiday drinks that coffee shops come up with as they really add to the Christmas feel of the BER months. Would love to try Seattle's Best's concoctions! :D

# | Mrs. Kolca said...

Wow, I would love to go to an event like this. Daming awesome freebies! :)

# | Sharina Poquiz said...

Love the SBC drinks! Cumocompete sa Sbucks! 

The Misty Mom

# | Sharina Poquiz said...

New follower/reader here!

The Misty Mom

# | Gven-Rose Mabini said...

haven't tried those, the event is good, I hope I'll have a chance to attend an event like this...visiting from FBU

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