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Aileen's Painting


Watercolor painting on paper

I'm a frustrated artist. LOL. No, really. I am. I obviously am. Haha! I always try to draw and paint but can never really concentrate on it long enough to develop what little part of me is still artistically skilled. So... the 'artworks' that I rarely come up with would always be caused by sudden and brief spasms of creativity.

One example is this. I made this last year and I remember promising to myself that I'd continue painting so that I could put into paper the images or scenes that I often suddenly think of. But... meh. Obviously, that didn't follow through!

FACT: I painted a lot back when I was still in high school. I mostly painted sunsets and abstract stuff and then that stopped when I started my fourth year; I actually want to kick myself so hard (if I could) because I left all of those frames and painting materials back in Batanes and I didn't even take photos of my work—or if I did, well I can't find it. But yes... there's no use crying over it now. *cries still* LOL

But anyway, going back to this ANIMA painting, I titled it as such because as definition goes:
Anima” is the inner personality; the soul; life. It is the source of the female personality while Animus is the source of the male.
From that, I guess you can just infer whatever kind of meaning you think I was trying to portray because I really can't find the will to explain it right now... Haha! But no, I'm not joking. I can still remember my reason for painting it this way but it's just too embarrassing to restate it again. Yeah, it really is. But if you're a follower of my Tumblr blog, you can rake through my past posts, and if you're lucky you'll see my entry for this.

Now I actually painted this during a time when I was feeling down and lost... which is kind of funny I know, because I used such lively colors. And yep, I intended it to look unfinished, with her hair like that and all.

Hmmm... I must resurface this hobby! ★
How about you? What hobby/hobbies do you miss doing?


# | Mrs A said...

You should paint as often as you can! You're very talented.  Don't put your gifts to waste. ;)

# | Mrs A said...

You should paint as often as you can! You're very talented. Don't put your gifts to waste. ;)

# | Gela said...

wow, that's so pretty!!! you're really very talented, Aileen. you should make art more. :)

i miss singing & performing in general. i used to be part of my high school's glee club & then did a bit of theater when i was a Freshman in college. haven't been on stage ever since. i miss it. :(

boat ride through the sky

# | Manuel Cadag said...

Nice blog to come back here again for your updated post.

# | Gellie Abogado said...

My youngest sister loves painting and she's still in the process of practicing her skills. Will share this post to her. I love it! There's something very calming about this piece :)

# | Cha said...

wow, you've got talent. continue on painting. you've got some real skills in there.

# | nuelene said...

I wish I could paint like you. =))) I don't even know how to draw a person. Just some sticks and circles. Haha!

# | kat centeno said...

Nice painting, Aileen. Paint more! I used to paint in high school.  Seeing this, I want sketch and paint again.

# | Julie Lan said...

oh this is really pretty! I love the color combination!

# | Dianne Palabay said...

I love this painting. It's amazing how colors bring life to everything you draw. I miss drawing too. But I'm not into this kind of drawing. I often do cartoons stuffs. To maintain what little things I learned through reading drawing tutorials, I see to it that I draw something to my little journal as a summary of how my day was. I guess its a good hobby :)

# | Juhi Pandya said...

You are a beautiful painter! The picture is lovely :) You should definitely paint more!

# | Sey said...

I admire how you express your feelings through your art. I can't even paint a single thing. My image of a human is made purely of sticks if you know what I mean, the old kid thing.

I miss doing sort of crafts. I don't have a particular hobby but I guess doing crafts is what I miss the most.

# | Gian Carlo Cagaanan Licanda said...

Wow! This is gorgeous! Me, I miss sketching.. 

# | Gian Carlo Cagaanan Licanda said...

 Wow! This is gorgeous! me, i miss sketchin...

# | Julie said...

I love the details and the Japanese feel on it.. it's beautiful.

# | Aileen A. said...

Aww thank you Julie :)

# | Aileen A. said...

Thank you Sey, I try really hard. Haha kidding! Oooh crafts! Hope you post the stuff you did in the past...? ;)

# | Teresa Martinez said...

You sure have some serious artistic talent in you.  I hope to see more of these in your blog.

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