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Last night, I watched the Hunger Games along with my best friend, Celine, for free! All thanks to Nuffnang, Boat Banana, and Shick! ♥

This was the first ever Nuffnang event that I have been to so I'm hoping that I could get to be more participative of their promos and affairs.

Now the screening was held at Shangri-La Plaza and my trip towards this place was really... STRESSFUL—an understatement. Surely, I should have anticipated the traffic that a Friday brings, but a lot of things happened that my commute towards Shaw became more than just an annoying adventure for me. First, I should have left the office at five but of all days, my trader asked me a lot of questions so of course, I had to tend to that. Ending time: 6:30PM. But well, I didn't feel rushed at all because I know that the movie was around 8:30PM.

Imagine my surprise though when my BB phone flashed a reminder that the movie would be starting at 7:30PM! And this happened while I was in the middle of a traffic jam at Edsa! A long distance away from the MRT station! Time check: 7:00PM. So naturally, I PANICKED!

I quickly told Celine—who was waiting for me at Shang—that she should try and ask for the tickets under my name if the movie was already starting because I'll be fashionably late... FORTUNATELY, she replied back, saying that the movie will be starting at 8:30PM pa naman, so I really shouldn't worry yet! I received her message at around 7:30PM so I was all: OH SWEET JESUS! And then I immediately threw my BB out of the car window—NOT. Haha! But really now, it's my fault for putting in the wrong time. Gaaaaaah.

Edsa Traffic

Finally, at 7:35PM, I reached the Ayala station. At this point, irritation turned to strong annoyance when I witnessed the long lines! While I was standing in line, I was seriously fuming and mentally running over a long list of things that I dislike about the Philippines!!! (LOLJK). But to cut this rant short, I just hate Friday traffic. Arrival time at Shang: 8:00PM.

So I immediately met up with Celine, and this is where the funny part started. Nuffnang is a blog advertising company, therefore, the guests (like me) were bloggers; in result, I saw a LOT of familiar faces that night—especially the bloggers who are quite popular in the blogosphere! *cue mental fangirling mode* HAHA!

But no, really. It was nice seeing them up close and personal! For one, I saw Saab Magalona with a guy, that Celine and I started wondering if that was her boyfriend. And then I saw Helga of Ditz Revolution and she was really rocking her pink hair; it was hard not to spot her among the throng of people! Camie of Wild Spirit was also there, wearing high-heeled boots all night long that I can't help but be all: "I feel your pain, girl. I really do."

Yeah, I was having fun! I also met some of the bloggers that I personally know like Stacy of Tsinoy Foodies. I guess that's the good part about me; I can go extreme with my emotions but once it's done with, I have the ability to forget it or to just shove it to the back of my mind and then continue having a good time with my life! (And then go back to being stressed again. Vicious cycle, indeed. Haha.)

The Movie Experience

The bottomline: Hunger Games was an awesome movie!
(WARNING: There may be spoilers ahead!)

Spanning at around 2 hours and 30 minutes; it was a long watch! And even if you've read the book, you'll still feel that there were a lot of things missed out—in our own Filipino word: BITIN! But then again... in it's own right, the movie was still a great watch! Because it's not like they could fit in all the intricate details! So yes, my lovelies, this was DEFINITELY worth watching!

Besides..! The clothes, the setting (especially the Capitol and the flower people!), the scenes, and whatnot's were *almost* just like how I imagined it to be! But! I just have a top-of-mind concern though... and it's the shaky camera effect. It could be a bit too much! It was good at some parts because I felt like I was looking through Katniss' or a bystander's eyes, but come on! Shaky footage for the first thirty minutes of the movie? CAMERA GUY, GET YO SHIT TOGETHER MAN. LOL. In some of the fighting scenes, the camera would even move too much that I wouldn't know what I'm supposed to be looking at...

But kudos for the parts where the angles were taken and used so well! During that 'fire' part, it was a great idea to take a shot of the fire ball head on because I felt like the fire ball was headed right at me too! Really, really, suspenseful and thrilling. So thumbs up for that!

Now for the highlight: Katniss and Peeta: I SHIP THEM SO MUCH.

Actually, at first, I didn't think that Jennifer Lawrence would fit the Katniss role. But watching her last night made me realize that NO other actress could play the part so well than her! I especially loved the part where she showed such raw and natural emotions when she was chosen to be the tribute and when she was about to plunge into the arena.

Katniss Everdeen - Movie 2012

Also, I reacted so badly when I found out that Josh Hutcherson will be playing as Peeta because I found his face... odd. Like if you put his face and Jennifer's face side by side, you'll also be probably thinking along the lines of: "What is up with that big square face??" And yes, that's me being horribly rude... I'm sorry... BUT! Come movie time, I fell in love with his acting and his looks—much like how I fell in love with Peeta's character in the books! ♥

Peeta - Hunger Games Movie 2012

And oh, Gale? Who's that? LOLJK. There were some really brief but VERY funny scenes of Gale because he'll be flashed just at the right time that Katniss and Peeta would get all lovey-dovey. Haha! Oh you lonesome, lonesome, boy, you...

But of course, who would forget Cato???? Alexander Ludwig was and is A-GRADE! He has a really, really, handsome face!!!! It makes me feel a bit sad that he wouldn't be showing up in the next Hunger Games movies. *sigh* He's... he's too beautiful. LOLWUT.

Cato - Hunger Games

Cinna, on the other hand, was really, really cool. He's got swag (especially with that gold eyeliner thing that's going on for him, HAHA!) I should say that there were times that he and Katniss would have these brief sensual scenes that I almost started to think that he would the new love interest of Katniss. LOL. Just kidding! But anyway, the clothes were really great! The fire costume and fire gown were finally materialized in an amazing way! ♥

Cinna- Hunger Games

The book is still the best and number one way for you to fully understand and appreciate the Hunger Games. Nonetheless, the movie didn't disappoint! ★ Here's to hoping that the Hunger Games Part 2 would come soon!


# | Trishakue said...

Lol agree with the hot dude ;) <3 :D

# | Rae said...

Because of this, I wanted to buy gold eyeliner :P I loved the movie. I haven't read the book yet pero dahil sa movie, na move up sa queue ng books to read ko ang hunger games trilogy.

# | Patricia Tan said...

SPOILER! hahaha I wanna watch this! Imma watch this soon! :)

# | Hazeluri said...

I've read the books, the movie was great but the book is waay better!

# | Aileen A. said...

HAHA! I did warn that there'd be spoilers ;P
Have you read the book?

# | Aileen A. said...

 Make it number one on your list!!! The books were far better than the movie, I promise you ;)

# | Aileen A. said...

My best friend said that he should be Peeta; but I think Josh already fits the role... but daaaang, Cato <3 HAHA!

# | Hazel said...

hi!! just bloghopping and stumbled here (via @manilabloggers) :) OMYGOSH your commute to shang was a stressful one! glad you made it! not gonna read the whole entry 'cause i haven't read the book yet (i know, sucks!) :))) 

# | Tep Mayo said...

Hutcherson and Harrelson side by side, you'd think they're father and son. Hihi. I don't know why, but it was Lenny Kravitz and his gold eyeshadow I found hot. haha. Nice post. :)

# | Rae said...

Already started with the first book. I'm enjoying it. The movie was kind of true to the book but it's understandable that they can't put everything in there.

# | Suyen said...

I love the book version and movie version of Cinna. Although I love Lenny Kravitz so I'm kinda biased. Haha

I like the movie adaptation. Of course, it's not as great as the books but they did an awesome job translating it to the theaters :)

# | Blanca said...

My daughter is a Hunger Games fanatic, she finished the 3 novels. She and her friends  were the first ones in the moviehouse when this opened.:)

# | eprilis said...

I've just watched this last night, and I think I'll start reading its book too. Haha. Fell in love with the story right away. :)

# | Rose said...

I didn't think I'd get to appreciate Josh as Peeta too but watching the flick made him suddenly crush-worthy in my eyes. Haha! He was able to capture Peeta's being ma-PR and having his way with words... I found myself swooning everytime he'd look at Katniss.

# | Aileen A. said...

I was all giddy on the parts where they kissed and all! HAHAHAHA! Really, I was :))

# | Liza_castronuevo said...

I'm hearing of hunger games but haven't saw nor read it yet. :)

# | nuelene said...

OMG! I just saw today Cato's picture and he's just so HOT in capital H. I can't contain my screams for him!!! Hahaha! To tell you the truth, I got bored with some parts of the movie especially when Katniss and Peeta was 'showing' for the Capitol people, that part when Peeta was found by Katniss camouflage in the mud. But anyway, Cato and Clove make it up for me. Haha! I so love him. I can't wait to see Finnick Odair! Haha! Can I borrow Cato's picture for my next entry? I'll put you as my source. Thanks! =)

# | Aileen A. said...

Haha yeah, there were parts that lacked focus and attention; but all and the same, I really hate the shaky camera effect. XD And sure, you could use Cato's pic but I actually just got it from Google, so you can skip the sourcing me part. Haha. 

Yessss he's very good looking! I actually don't know who will play Finnick Odair, do you know?

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