2011 Cosmo Singles' Bash

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One of the greatest things that could happen when I stop being my usual lazy-self and become the unusual proactive me instead? Well... I get to WIN online contests!!! Woot!

By a stroke of luck, during that particular week (last November 10, I think?) I happened to learn of the 'Scavenger Hunt' that Cosmo.ph was holding—they were going to treat 75 girls to one of their exclusive parties! Now since I regretted not being able to go to their previous hot-hot-hot Cosmo Bachelor Bash, I might as well try and score the invites for their Cosmo Singles' Bash, right?!

...And boy oh boy, did I score it! Haha!

For the event, I was allowed to bring only one female companion; naturally, I brought my best friend along (Celine)! This was held last November 24 at 7th High Lounge in the city that I love—Bonifacio Global City, haha! For that one glorious night, I did not only meet-greet-see a LOT of hot guys and celebrities, but I also got on stage to play one of the games in the program, meet the Cosmo and Summit Digital Team, and find new Cosmo girl friends! For a short say: I surely had a blast!

For the eye candy hunks of the night, please feast your eyes upon these blessed men. HAHA!

LEFT: W/ Enzo Pineda. RIGHT: W/ an EZ Lube model. This was funny because when we first saw him, we were screaming like hyenas because we thought he was damn good-looking. But uh, as you can see, that's not really so... HAHA! So we realized that we were blinded by his abs. I mean just look at that! (Well you can't see the full view, but you can get the picture LOL) And yes, I didn't like how I look. So please stare at the awful smiley instead.

One particular guy named Victor Silayan was Celine and I's highlight of the night—or should I say Celine's only? HAHA! When he introduced himself, we felt a bit sorry because we really didn't recognize or know him at all. He said he was an actor from TV5... and uh, I don't really watch that channel (then again I don't watch TV in general!). The TV5 show that he was in, Glamorosa, sounded really shady too when he mentioned it that at first we thought it was a joke. HAHA! Kidding aside, he was a very nice person—very sociable even! He, along with his other friends were kind enough to keep us company in our table for the remainder of the night even after the program had ended—most of them are studying in DLSU or had graduated from LSGH so, yes sir, we had a lot to talk about.

Anyway... We had a good laugh with Victor ESPECIALLY when he started to make a move on Celine! Haha! At times we would have our own private conversations just so I could taunt him at how baduy and tacky his flirting skills were towards my best friend; funny thing is, he took that in seriously and proceeded to drop humorous pick-up lines that made us laugh even more! (Let's give the guy some credit, he really tried his best.) LOL.

But anyway, what can I say to him? No way, Jose! The way towards my best friend won't be an easy road, especially because I'm the warden. I won't let just about any guy who comes to parties like this to 'catch' my 'girl' LOL—most are just in it to score chicks anyway; how much more that he's an actor, right? I know I may be a bit judgmental here (and acting like some sort of protective mother! haha!), but Celine and I are smart enough not to believe such just as quick. NEVERTHELESS, for all that silliness aside, it was just such a FUN night!!!

And oh, I said we had a table, right? So aside from the boys, let me introduce the three other girls with us!! Celine and I got to know them that night, and they were all so sweet! From left to right: Lea and Pichie (from UP-Diliman) and Pia (from UST).

Now for another highlight of the night: the program! It had five RACY games!
(Well of course, we're talking about Cosmo here! HAHA!)
  1. Funny Bones = Basically, girls use the bodies of their handsome male partners as their own sort of Twister-like mat. LOL. It was hilarious! Just look at this:
  2. Fruit Passing = Passing a fruit to their guy partner using their mouth. Accidental kisses were of course, expected.
  3. Sticker Thingy = This is the game where Celine joined and... won! HAHA! It was a game where you simply putas many stickers on the guy's bodies but my best friend there was just in such a competitive mode—well she always is, haha!—so I did expect her to win! That scored her a chance to take pictures with the EZ Lube models (the one with 'wings' and exposed abs, LOL)
  4. Speed Shots = Girls were tasked to take shots from in between the models' legs. (Yessss, ladies and gents, these all have 'Cosmo' written all over it! HAHA!)
  5. Matching Game = where I joined... and did I regret it! Haha! It was fun, yes, but I was so exhausted each and every time that I tried to think of Cosmo-y answers to the questions! (And do know that this was the longest of the games!). I wasn't thinking hard because I wanted to win; I just didn't want to embarrass myself and be the loser of the batch when it comes to witty answering! In the end, one of the game-joiners (a staff from the Candy magazine team; the girl in black in the picture below) won, as she was favored by Enzo Pineda (the mystery guy).
Lastly, here are our other pictures!

Playful Cosmo Model HAHA! 

Met a new friend that night too! Jen! But she left early.

And my favorite photo from the party:

But oh! Before I end this, let me show you the loot bags that we were given!

If you want to see more of the 'action' during the party, go to the following links:
  • Cosmo.ph Gallery
  • CosmoTV
    Saw myself at 00:14, 00:41, and 01:44 (what am I doing?! Obviously, messing around with the host, but waaaaa!! Haha!). And Celine at 01:37 (when she won the game!)  
Again, thank you so much Cosmo for such a wonderful party! Next time, I hope I get to score tickets on 2012's Cosmo Bachelor Bash! Haha! Kudos! ★


# | Sumi Go said...

Looks like you girls really had tons of fun! ^^ Wish I could attend this next year, but bf might not approve.. haha.. XD

Btw a fellow lasallian here, visiting from GT.. :) Hope you can check my blog too.. http://thepurpledoll.net

PS: Following you now sis.

# | Aileen said...

Hi Sumi! Thanks, and I think your bf would allow you to go if you bring along a friend he trusts :P Haha!

Checked your site and I love your food escapades. Followed back! :) And oh, I also have a food blog of my own. But still under construction or something haha http://foodiefromthemetro.blogspot.com/

# | nuelene said...

oh my gosh! looks like it was a lot of fun. If I was there, I might have fainted haha! I'll definitely attend the cosmo bash this year. =))) I love your blog.

# | Aileen A. said...

Thank you Nuelene! I must say... you have such a unique name ;)

# | tndcallphilippines said...

looks like you had a good time! the hunks were really hunks. and you all looked sweet. :)

# | Aileen A. said...

 We sure did! :)

# | Aileen A. said...

We sure did! :) 

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