What's up with Aileen? | 7 Months Later...

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Aileen Updates Blogging

Wow... just wow.

7 long months of blogging hiatus! Oh boy, that has been a really a long time, ain't it? And that's a bit sad because there's soooooo many things that happened to me the past months that I wanted to share. I also miss writing!

So now, I'd like to make up for it and would also love to start updating more. As a start, let me update you on a few things that have kept me busy and away from this website:

Annecy | The 'Venice' of the French Alps

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Annecy - Venice French Alps Things to Do Travel France

I love France. And that's an understatement. But aside from the well-known wonderful places of Paris and Normandy (which I have both visited as well in 2013) there was one quaint city in the Rhône-Alpes region that will forever hold a special place in my heart: Annecy, said to be the 'Venice' of the French Alps.

I haven't been to Venice: I've only seen it in pictures. Yet sure enough, Annecy was some sort of 'Venice' with all its canals and boats. And aside from that, this town even had a charm of its own that's just worthy to be seen! But before I go on, let me go back to the very start, to that very first magical allure of Annecy and it started during the...

Fly High at 5,000++ Feet! | Paragliding in Annecy, France

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Travel Parapente Tandem Paragliding Annecy France Europe

July 2013 was the first time I set foot in Europe (yaaaaay! and oh, please wait for more posts about this). Come August, Jonas and I embarked on a road trip to certain parts of the Schengen countries. One of the many places that we've visited was Annecy, located in the south-eastern part of France. For a start let me just say that this place was amazing!

Jonas picked it as one of our 'stops' since he fondly remembers the great memories that he had when his family went on a camping trip here when he was young. Aside from wanting to see it again, he also wanted me to see it! And I'm glad that he thought of it because aside from the wonderful sights and the magical view of the Lake Annecy (especially at night time!) we also had our first-ever experience of paragliding here!

2013: In a Nutshell | 2014: Resolutions

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2013 Past 2014 New Year Resolutions

Happy new year, lovelies! How did you welcome 2014? I bet ya'll had fun celebrating it; may it be with your family, friends... or both! And you know what? I especially like this time of transitioning to another year. Sure, it feels like any other day but we all have our own way of saying 'hello' to it which then makes it altogether 'special'.

Now, for me, other than having the opportunity to become really loud along with everybody else both with fireworks or noisemakers, it also gives me a chance to look back and forward.

So let me show you what I've accomplished last year, and what I plan to continue doing or aiming for this awesome year of 2014! ♥

Shine Your Best in Selfies! | Garnier Light Complete

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I am Aileen Shine Your Best in Selfies

SELFIES. There's a reason why it became this year's most popular word and it's because we all do it, even before the word was even invented.

However, for me, it took a while before I warmed up to this idea (or generally to the whole idea of taking pictures with my family and friends). Sounds weird, right? But you see... when I was young, I always wanted to be the one who just takes a picture of everybody, and it's fine if I'm not in it: a.k.a. I was "the photographer". And it's all because I have this love-hate relationship with a camera. Wait. Actually... it was mostly hate.


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